Tiger Woods is not LeBron James.

The only thing that LeBron James and Tiger Woods have in common is their December 30th birthday. Woods recent final round debacle against Phil Mickelson this Sunday should be in no way be compared to LeBron James not coming through in the finals last year.  And here’s the main reason why Woods has won 14 major golf tournaments and LeBron hasn’t won anything!!!! The fact is Woods is older, he’s coming off a bunch of injuries, and his personal life is in shambles.  But Tiger Woods’ has always been a golfer first and global icon second. Woods’ will return to a winner, I just can’t count him out for the long hall he will return to greatness he just needs that one win to get back on track. LeBron’s the opposite he wants to be a champion because it’s the next thing to do, his lack of mental toughness comes from the fact that he wants to be a global icon who happens to play basketball, rather than being a basketball player that is a global icon. There mentally made up differently and Tiger has already won there’s no monkey on his back, most people are still scared of Tiger in the final round. Nobody is scared of LeBron, I mean LeBron is getting cussed out by a fan, a damn fan.  While, it may be tempting to compare the two they aren’t as similar as you may think.


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